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A Death Has Occured

What do I do now?

The day a loved one dies can be one of the most difficult days of your life, and many aren't sure how to handle the discovery of a deceased person.

While nothing can deter the emotion of that moment,

it helps to know what to do next.

First Notify :

1. If a death has occurred at home, or accidentally, and Hospice is       

    not involved, call 911.
2. The Physician or hospice nurse if under care. 
3. After notifying 911, a doctor, or nurse of the passing, as well as the      immediate family or next of kin; the family's chosen mortuary                facility should be contacted.

    We provide full mortuary services at 3 locations in Sonoma County:

    Eggen and Lance (707)545-3747 in Santa Rosa, Fred Young 

    (707)894-2540 in Cloverdale, and Fred Young (707) 473-8431 in


 We can be contacted 24 hours a day/ 7 days a week in case of death.


    NOTE: Many people pre-plan and pre-pay their final                   

                 arrangements. Be sure to check for existing mortuary or   

                 cemetery arrangements.

4. If cemetery arrangements have been pre-planned, you may notify 

    us, or ask your funeral director to do so.

5. A meeting should be arranged with both the acting funeral home

    and cemetery (if applicable) to discuss details.

Death thoughts
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